Welcome to GunCab

Access to your guns securely anywhere! Revolver Semi-Auto Rifle Derringer plus more!

Welcome to GunCab

Gun Cloud * Unlimited Guns * Access anywhere * SSL protection

GunCab.com! Now all your guns stored safely in our SSL GUN CLOUD with 256-bit encryption! Bring your entire gun collection to any gun show! Add guns, edit guns, delete guns in seconds right from the palm of your hand! Insurance companies will love your Gun Cloud! You can report any lost or stolen guns in seconds to your insurance company as your guns/serial #s and more. You can even export your Gun List to Excel,PDF, and more.

Our website is designed not just for the web, but for any mobile device(auto sizes to fit your device), allowing you to add your entire gun collection to our secure GUN CLOUD and access to it from anywhere in the world!
When you go to our website on your mobile device, like an iPhone or Android tablet, our website formats itself like an app, so you can easily show off your entire collection with tap and swipe motions!

GunCab allows you to store an unlimited number of guns and up to three photos per gun. If you have purchase our GunCab annual membership and have a need for more memberships, just let us know and we will send you a discount for two or more accounts. For each additional membership is 10% off our main membership price. You can even share your collection! Perfect for going to a gun show or event. Sign up for free today and test our site with your guns. We are confident that you will not find a more robust gun cabinet site out there! Gun Cab does it all and SECURELY. We always listen to our customers and use their suggestions to make our site even better.

Using multiple accounts with GunCab

Having multiple accounts with GunCab allows you to have one account for a Gun Show, another one for personal, another one for selling and so on. You already have a great gun collection, now get organized and use the best software...GunCab!

Data and Photo Security

Your data security is a priority at GunCab. The photos you upload are yours only, we do not share or sell your photos. When you upload photo(s) to GunCab.com, they are uploaded to a not public web server, which has NO PUBLIC ACCESS! Plus, using our 256bit SSL website only allows the logged in user to see his/her photos and data.


Only GunCab.com has LOCK DOWN MODE! LOCK DOWN MODE is our proprietary and most secure level of encrypting/hiding your Gun data and photos. We can bet no other website or app has this feature! What is LOCK DOWN MODE? An example will explain it all...

Lets say you upload 100 guns to GunCab, serial numbers and all your gun photos. You feel safe and sound that all your data/photos are in the Gun Cloud. But the what if happens?? Government wants everyone's guns! Hackers hack your password? FBI or NSA want your data? Well too bad!

When you click on the LOCK DOWN MODE button in the user profile screen, the ultimate in protection is initiated! Every record in your account, including photos are ENCRYPTED WITH a proprietary 256-bit encryption cipher that converts your gun photos to be meaningless! Your gun data is mumbo jumbo...100% encrypted. No one will be able to read your data or view your photos even if the broke into the Data center and copied your data! Even the developers at GunCab, the web administrators, we mean NOONE will be able to read your data except you. BUT, Please remember, you will be prompted for a password key(not your password to login) to enter to ENCRYPT your data and then DECRYPT your data. If you lose this password key, your data is lost forever. We cannot retrieve your data at all. Your data is basically encrypted for life. Your key is the key to DECRYPTING your data back to its original readable state. When we say you are protected, you are 100% protected.

You would use this option if you are going away on vacation, or for any other reason you see fit. Just another feature of GunCab.com that gives you peace of mind in this crazy world we live in!

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GunCab.com is located in beautiful Winter Garden, FL. Please leave us a message or comments on how to improve our site or any other questions about using GunCab.